About the tour

Kim plays vibes and keeps the dancefloor hot. finds herself in the harder edges of electronic music. in between elegance and dystopia. disco vamp, chrome attitude. as a DJ and producer, her take on the scene is to live out her passion and express herself with a sometimes melancholic, always dramatic sound. she is known for her outstanding selection – the uncompromising hot choices with an influence of high energy ensures that so called „glam rave“ and she is not afraid of risking something on the dancefloor. knows the tools, keeps the attitude, takes no mercy. while pushing genre boundaries sometimes and typically operating at a higher tempo, her style mainly contains elements of techno, rave, acid, industrial, body-to-body rhythms and a touch of dark trance, but she also has a spot in her heart for the tempo-moderately quieter spectrum, such as EBM, wave and more experimental music. always inspired by new wave, punk and the impulsive spirit of the nineties, she carefully combines new releases with genre classics and gives her sets the perfect amount of energy and innovation, while staying true to her personal flavor.