Gebläsehalle Ilsede

About the tour

In a scene choked by formulae, we need voices that cut through the noise to
present something unapologetically true and devoutly non-conformist. In his
singular path as an artist, I Hate Models swerves standardised structures and
instead focuses on emotional response. The energy of club music serves as a
vessel for his own feelings and a tool to manipulate others with. The spectrum of
moods expressed – in his productions, DJ sets and on his label Disco Inferno –
veers from nostalgia and passion to loneliness, melancholia and brutality, often
juxtaposing darkness and light in the same pulse as an authentic conduit of
his own artistic self-assessment.

On his journey thus far, IHM has released music on labels ranging from Arts,
VOITAX and Khemia to Rave Or Die and Perc Trax, who carried his 2019 album L’
Âge Des Métamorphoses . He’s also remixed Depeche Mode and Perc. At every
turn, his disregard for expectations and conventions has resulted in dynamic,
ambitious music that feasts on the flesh of techno, industrial and trance without
ever becoming beholden to one source. Within the microcosm of one track, the
energy can shift from bruising rhythm to swooning ambience and back again –
cascades of pearlescent melody giving way to shards of sheet metal, thunderous
percussion offset by softly sculpted sine waves. That the further adventures of I
Hate Models feel entirely open-ended is completely by design – generic
constriction is the enemy of genuine catharsis.